Dear Friends,

Four years ago, taxpayers and small businesses gave me the honor of serving them in Albany based on one principle: community first. I keep this principle with me each and every day whether I am working in Albany or back home in the district. We've worked hard to craft four fiscally responsible and on-time state budgets while capping property taxes, securing investment in local economic development, restoring hundreds of millions of dollars in education aid and creating the lowest tax rates for middle-class New Yorkers in nearly 60 years.

While I am proud of these accomplishments much work lies ahead. We need to work to ensure all of our children have access to a first rate education by unshackling our local districts from the countless unfunded mandates and returning control to our local school boards. We need to create an environment conducive to learning for both students and teachers by reducing our emphasis on high stakes testing and restoring a nurturing classroom environment.

Creating jobs for our community remains a top priority of mine. With our improving fiscal situation we need to focus on reinvesting in our infrastructure and adopting big picture solutions to improve our business climate rather than gimmicks and subsidies to favored industries. I will continue to fight tirelessly to make New York more business-friendly and improve New York’s economy.

I look forward to continue to put our community first. Thank you for placing your trust in me.



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